Is the process of decorating a material with a stenciled design by forcing ink through a mesh screen, transferring the design from the screen onto the material.

Traditionally the design stencils were hand cut or painted, now a days the screens are coated with a photo emulsion which creates a negative image from the design transparency when exposed to UV light. The term "silk-screening" comes from the silk mesh that was originally used on the screens, but today's screens use a polyester mesh on a wooden or aluminum frame. Each color is printed one-at-a-time from a separate screen, either by a person holding a squeegee in the case of a manual printing press, or by a machine which pulls the squeegee in the case of an automatic printing press.

Pricing is based on the number of colors in your design. Printing on dark colored items is more expensive because it requires a white base coat in most cases. The size of the design doesn't effect the cost, so it's an economical choice for large designs like you find on t-shirts and jackets. Fine detail and small letters are no problem and 4 color process printing gives the illusion of a full color photo. Designs with 4 or more colors can get expensive, especially on dark colored garments. You can't screen print on polar fleece, knit caps, 6 panel caps or most towels.


General Information

Artwork can be 4 color process (CMYK) or up to 6 spot colors. Our in-house artists can work with your own design or create one for you from scratch.

Art Fees

Simple typesetting with up to 2 scans or stock art images is free. We charge $25 per hour for basic artwork or design editing, and $45 per hour for more advanced designs or color separation. This does not include the screen set-up fee.


We accept clean, crisp black & white artwork for single color designs. It may be hand drawn or computer generated, but it should be actual size and camera-ready. Black & White laser prints or pen & ink designs are best. Color prints, faxes, pencil drawings, ink jet prints or low resolution pixelated prints may be subject to Art Fees at $45 per hour.

Vector Graphics

This is the prefered electronic format. We use Adobe Illustrator CS in PC format and accept the following file types: CDR, AI, EPS. Files can be submitted on a Thumb Drive, CD/DVD disk or by email to It's important that all fonts be converted to curves, or we may not be able to open the file. Bitmap Graphics - We use Adobe Photoshop CS in PC format. Bitmap files should have a resolution of at least 300dpi at actual size. We accept the following file types for single color designs: PSD, TIF, BMP. We also accept full color designs in Photoshop format. Spot color bitmaps should be saved as PSD files with each color on a separate layer. Because of the size of these files, we recommend that they be submitted on thumb Drive or CD/DVD disks. If you must email large files, please use zip compression and send it to
When sending files via e-mail, please use a PO# that will help us identify your file.

Color Matching
We offer a wide range of stock ink colors to choose from. We will mix custom colors or match Pantone PMS colors for $15 each.
Halftones - Normal halftones should be printed at 45dpi - 55dpi depending on size and detail.


1.What is the least expensive t-shirt I can order?

We offer a 100% cotton, 5.5 oz. t-shirt with a one-color imprint, one print location (ie., front or back). With a minimum of 24-piece order, the cost for the shirt and printing is only $4.30 each. An order of 12,000 shirts will cost only $1.90 each.

2.What affects the price of the t-shirts?

The price is affected by the quantity, quality, and color of garments you select; the number of ink colors used in your artwork; and the number of print locations on the garments. 

3.What are the quantities price break?

12-24 pcs.
25-47 pcs.
48-99 pcs.
100-299 pcs.
300- 1199 pcs.
1280-2999 pcs.
3000-5999 pcs.
6000-11999 pcs.
12800 and up

4.Can I combine different styles of garments in one order?

Yes, as long as the design to be printed is the same for all the garments, the only 2 exceptions are hats and small size t-shirts where the design will not fit. For example if you have 24 t-shirts, 24 polo shirts and 24 sweat shirts, you will get the price break of 72 pcs.

5.Can I combine different colors of garmetns in one order?

Yes, you can combine all the colors you want, most designs will print well on most colors, however if there is a problem with your design being printed on one of the colors you have selected, we will notify you and find a solution, we do not print with out your approval.

6.Can the same design be printed using different ink color in one order?

Yes, we can make color change on the design for an extra fee. Why there is a fee? In order to change the color we will need to clean up the screen and give it a fresh start.

7.Do you have Specialty Inks?

Yes, we carry fluorecent, shimmer, metalic, glow in the dark, puff and discharge inks. There is a charge for each of this inks, please check with us before ordering.

8.Can you match colors?

Yes, we can match Pantone Colors for a normal fee of $15 per order.

9.What is the largest imprint area?

We can print to a maximum of 16 x 20 inches. However your design may not need to be that large, this size may vary depending on the design and/or the variety of sizes to be used.

10.How large my design should be?

There are no standards for the size, you may want to print your design on different sizes paper and lay it on the garment to get an idea.

11.Can you print photographs?

Yes, we can print full color photographs, there is a slightly different process and price structure for that, you can send us your project specifications and we will gide you with this process. We can also reproduce high quality graphics and photographs using our digital printing capabilities. call for more info.

12.Up to how many colors can be used on a design?

We can print up to 12 spot colors, most of the design have no more than 4 colors and remember price is affected by the number of colors to be used.

1-4 Spot Colors: Minimum 12 Items 
5-6 Spot Colors: Minimum 72 Items 
Contract Printing: Minimum 12 Items 
4 Color Process: Minimum 36 Items